Garbage Disposal Innovation Wins Kenyan Firm Sh4.2 Million Award

Monday, June 6, 2011

A local garbage disposal concept has won the Dell Social Innovation Award for 2011, the latest conquest by a Kenyan firm in the world of innovations with high social impact.

TakaTaka Solutions, a social enterprise that collects and recycles waste in Nairobi, won the Sh4.2 million top prize in the global competition for its waste management solution, and will use the money to bankroll its recycling programme.

“The team exemplifies ingenuity, passion and entrepreneurial spirit. The competition gives students an opportunity to put their ideas into action and address some of the world’s most serious social issues,” said Karen Quintos, senior vice president and Chief Marketing Officer at Dell.

TakaTaka’s concept hopes to create additional income from waste by providing recycling opportunities to neighbouring communities who will collect and recycle waste.

The company aims to deliver affordable waste collection services to all income areas, recycling and composting of up to 85 per cent of collected waste and create jobs in the process.

In high income areas, TakaTaka Solutions will collect waste from clients. It will compost the organic waste and recover recyclable waste at its recyclable waste separation facility.

In low income areas, TakaTaka Solutions will partner with youth groups who will collect and sell the organic and recyclable waste to firm.

Source: Business Daily (link opens in a new window)