Narrowing The Gender Gap: Meet The Women Scintillating Africa’s Tech Scene

Thursday, May 16, 2019

By Andrew Christian

The belief that the tech industry is dominated by males is getting tremendously challenged by the emergence of brained and assertive African women.

Currently holding various center-stages and smashing fences with many innovative solutions, the continent is seeing a new, unrelenting generation of women making marks for their communities and raking in substantial revenue.

The gender gap is gradually closing in Africa. While other countries such as Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Finland lead the charge for gender equality, Rwanda is commanding the African flank, where men are reported to even be the ones being marginalized.

With the emergence of many female-focused establishments such as TheBoardroom Africa (TBA) – who raised USD 2 Mn in January – and other groups delivering STEM courses to young girls, females are increasingly having a voice in Africa’s tech space.

Photo courtesy of Eugene Malak / Wikimedia Commons.

Source: WeeTracker (link opens in a new window)

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