February 24

General Mills, Danone Dig Deeper Into Regenerative Agriculture With Incentives, Funding

By Heather Clancy

The cause of regenerative agriculture is being trumpeted by many of the world’s largest food companies. Two of the most vocal champions of this movement, General Mills and Danone North America — both of which have set specific targets — in recent weeks extended their support to farmers in their supply chains that are picking up these practices.

Such initiatives, which include a new pilot growing program from General Mills in Kansas and two financing programs from Danone, will be necessary to help farmers weather the lengthy, three-year time period it takes to transition their operations to new cover crops and tilling practices that promote healthier soil.

“That’s how long it takes to start seeing improvements as you go down this regenerative path,” said Steve Rosenzweig, soil scientist for General Mills. “That’s the time it takes to have that realization. This is where they need the support.”

Photo courtesy of Jutta Benzenberg.

Source: GreenBiz (link opens in a new window)