Global Family Office Report Reveals Impact Investing Has Come of Age

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A remarkable 62% of family offices are now active or expect to be active in impact investing, the new Global Family Office Report by Campden Wealth in partnership with UBS reveals.

Even the 30% of family office principals surveyed who were not active now said this was likely to change in the future.

The study found Millennials were a key catalyst with two-thirds of participants agreeing families with children born after 1980 will see an increase in requests to participate in impact investing.

However, the change was not solely generational. A significant 47% of family offices believed that impact investing was a more efficient use of funds to achieve social impact than philanthropy.

Supporting charitable causes continued to be a priority for many family offices. The average level of philanthropic giving by family office respondents in 2016 was 2.5% of their assets under management (AUM) – equivalent to almost $19 million.

Source: Campden FB (link opens in a new window)

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