October 7

Good Nature Agro Closes Series A Funding of $2.1 Million

Good Nature Agro, a Zambian company working from end-to-end within the specialised legume value chains, has announced that it closed Series A equity funding totalling $2.1 million. Goodwell Investments led the round with participation from existing seed investors Global Partnerships and FINCA Ventures.

This investor capital accelerates Good Nature Agro’s ability to build up essential value-add processing infrastructure in Central and Eastern Zambia, to accelerate the growth of their full-farm extension services for smallholders, and connect these farmers to large-scale agribusinesses and food processors seeking hassle-free sourcing, as well as to further their seed breeding program.

A social enterprise, Good Nature Agro (“GNA”) partners with smallholder farmers to improve their productivity through soil-enriching legume farming and links them to high-value legume markets to move farmers firmly into the middle class. Good Nature Agro farmers currently net 3 to 4 times as much as they earn for cash crops, like maize, on the same land. Legumes are valuable to farmers long-term because they increase soil fertility by replacing nitrogen used by other crops, and they are resilient against climate change.

Photo courtesy of USAID Biodiversity & Forestry.

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