Greener sex? Condoms Now Come in a Spectrum of Earth-Friendly Tones

Monday, February 16, 2015

If green is your thing, consider yourself in the golden age of sex products. Condoms, in particular, are in the midst of a sustainable renaissance.

“If it wasn’t a big challenge, then it wouldn’t be much fun.” So says Jeffrey Hollender, founder and ex-leader of Seventh Generation and current co-founder and CEO of sustainable condom company – wait for it – Sustain.

Sustain condoms advertise the company’s responsible sourcing of the rubber to make latex, the Fair Trade-certified facility that manufactures those condoms — with no toxic chemicals in the end product — and the company’s donation of 10 percent of pre-tax profits to women’s health and reproductive services.

Hollender knows a thing or two about getting out in front of big issues, having grown Seventh Generation to $150m in revenues per year while also developing and even creating the market for greener cleaners.

“The challenges [with responsible condoms] are similar to what we saw with Seventh Generation 25 years ago — we’re solving important problems that people don’t know exist,” Hollender says. “People aren’t saying, ‘I’m really concerned about child labor in the condom industry; I’d better buy fair trade.’”

Hollender’s Sustain — which he started with his wife Sheila and his daughter Meika — is addressing that. Sustain has reimagined the process by which condoms are made, emphasizing social, environmental and personal responsibility. Touting B Corp, Fair Trade, Vegan, Non-GMO, FSC, and PETA certifications, Hollender says that Sustain’s model can revamp the condoms supply chain, from tree to … wood.

Source: The Guardian (link opens in a new window)

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