January 24

Analysis: Growing Locally and Deeply

By Daniela Blei

When Suntae Kim was a doctoral student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, he became interested in alternative forms of business that were not just centered on maximizing shareholder value. After Kim began doing fieldwork at a for-profit business incubator in nearby Detroit that was committed to the city’s “sustainable revitalization” and that drew revenue from renting workspaces to small businesses, his advisors suggested that he pursue a comparative case study to identify what was different or special about its entrepreneurship-driven development.

Kim found a comparable nonprofit business accelerator owned by a locally headquartered company, where the mission was “turning Detroit into the next Silicon Valley.” Now a professor of management and organization at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management, Kim has a new paper with Anna Kim, a professor of management for sustainability at McGill University in Montreal, that evaluates the evolution and transformation of ideas at the two enterprises.

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Source: Stanford Social Innovation Review (link opens in a new window)

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