Habitat for Humanity and IKEA Foundation to improve homes for children in India and Kenya

Friday, September 23, 2016

International non-profit housing organization Habitat for Humanity and the IKEA Foundation are partnering for the first time. A €5.3 million grant from the IKEA Foundation will help families in poor communities in India and Kenya to improve homes through access to small loans and affordable, eco-friendly building materials and services.

The program will help 15,000 families in India to improve their housing. Habitat for Humanity is ensuring 45,000 children have a healthier home to play, learn and grow up in. In Kenya, Habitat for Humanity will conduct an analysis of the market for building materials and construction services. It will leverage capital and offer technical assistance to local microfinance institutions to set up small loans for home improvements.

Source: Trust.org (link opens in a new window)