It’s a Very Small World

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Thirty-six people from all parts of the world, including Yoel Sharon, head of Israel’s Etgarim (?Challenge?), met at Davos under the auspices of the Schwab Foundation, to discuss social projects that may change the world, just a little. They all have the same aim: to bring about change through local activity.

Zafar and the Kashf Foundation manage to contribute financing to large numbers of women, including loans and savings management. But for these services, the women would never have escaped the circle of dire poverty.

The entrepreneurs? stories reveal that many of them aspire to realize their projects through the marketplace itself, on a businesslike basis. This is apparent from the large numbers of initiatives that are based on the founding or development of small businesses, or the existence of agricultural smallholdings that are capable of providing their owners with a livelihood, in no small way thanks to the fact that social entrepreneurs have enabled those owners to market their produce without having to depend on middlemen. Other projects enable farmers in outlying regions to access distant markets.?

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Source: Globes Online (link opens in a new window)