April 29

How Canadian Clothing Entrepreneurs Are Disrupting ‘Fast Fashion’

By Laura ClementsonSteven D’Souza

Growing up in Ghana, Joshua Akom relied on second-hand clothing. Now, living in Canada, the entrepreneur says thrift shopping doesn’t just make economic sense, but it can also help the planet survive.

In 2016, he met Oghosa Ogiemwonyi, who always loved the thrifted clothing Akom now chose to wear as an adult. When the pandemic shut down thrift stores, the two saw an opportunity, one that would feed their love of fashion and help stem the clothing industry’s environmental impact.

They co-founded Thriftsome, an online thrift store that allows Canadians to make more sustainable fashion choices.

“If you buy second-hand clothing, you are not only saving on cost, you are also extending the life of the planet,” said Akom.

Photo courtesy of Carsten ten Brink.

Source: CBC News (link opens in a new window)

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