May 14

How Developing Countries Are Leading the Renewable Energy Revolution

By Emily Folk

Transitioning to renewable energy is essential in avoiding a global climate crisis. Many people may assume the most technologically advanced nations are the ones leading this charge, but that’s not the case. Green energy in developing countries equals and even surpasses that in developed nations.

In 2019, the top five countries with the highest renewable power capacity included China, Brazil, and India. That means three of the world’s renewable energy leaders are nations most people consider “developing.” This trend goes beyond these three world leaders, too.

Over the past few years, renewable energy in developing countries has risen while fossil fuels have gone down. By 2017, emerging markets were adding more sustainable energy sources than fossil fuels. How is the developing world leading the green revolution?

Photo courtesy of Axel Fassio / CIFOR.

Source: PlanetWatch (link opens in a new window)

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