January 8

How Impact Investing Could Help Countries Recover From Natural Disasters

By Holly Welles

People often believe that natural disasters won’t happen to them, but life has many surprises. A hurricane, tornado or flood can quickly turn one’s life and home upside down. It’s not always possible for residents to prepare for these occurrences, which makes rebuilding a challenge. However, people don’t have to be left out in the cold. External forces have the power to protect against the worst of the destruction.

Impact investors play a significant role in facilitating recovery efforts. By putting money into the area, they provide residents with resources for repairing their communities. Disaster preparedness can mean the difference between life or death, and impact investing matters.

Natural disasters destroy numerous properties each year. Ten major weather events have occurred in 2019, with each of them exceeding $1 billion in losses. One of the most recent was Tropical Storm Imelda, which caused significant home, business and vehicle damage throughout Southeast Texas. These events come and go in the minds of those unaffected, but residents deal with the fallout for months and years afterward.

Photo courtesy of Shukuko Koyama.

Source: Born2Invest (link opens in a new window)

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