How Social Entrepreneurship Is Making a Difference in the World

Thursday, April 28, 2016

We have grown accustomed to the Silicon Valley zeal driving startups to develop new technologies that will disrupt the market in yet another way.

On-demand apps like Uber are aimed at making our lives easier by saving us time and money.

In other parts of the world, people are faced with different kinds of “problems.” They aren’t so much worried about finding an app that will water their plants — their actual concern is finding water. An example, among many others, is India.

Purifying water in India

Nearly three-fourths of all diseases in India are caused by water contaminants, yet many Indians still lack access to clean drinking water. This health issue has been addressed by several organizations, one of which is Piramal Sarvajal.

Source: TechCrunch (link opens in a new window)