How This App Tracks Women’s Health Woes; in India & Internationally

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Technology has enabled disruptive ideas to invade our day-to-day life. Today we are able to order a cab/pizza/plumber/groceries by just swiping our mobiles today. Despite the abundance of startups that  exist, government and VC networks have constantly stressed on the need for disruptive ideas that cater into the basic needs of sanitation, healthcare, education and water management.

Maya (previously LoveCycles) is a comprehensive women’s health tracker that is built in India, with millions of users worldwide. Since its inception, Maya has obsessed about decoding each day of the monthly cycle to help women across the world manage their health better.

The company claims that there are 355 million women of reproductive age in India who need mechanisms and structures in place to meet their menstrual needs. Only 12% of these 355 million women use sanitary napkins and over 88% of women resort to shocking alternatives like un- sanitized cloth, ashes and husk sand. What Maya aims take advantage of the smartphone penetration in remote corners of India and equip women to manage their menstrual health using a mobile phone.

Speaking to Entrepreneur India, John Paul talks about how the idea of Maya was conceived from an incident that took place with a close friend who couldn’t conceive due to certain complicated medical conditions.

Source: Entrepreneur (link opens in a new window)

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