September 21

Analysis: How to Harness the Energy of Social Innovators for an Inclusive Recovery

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No-one knows better than those working amongst vulnerable and excluded communities that the last two years have created unprecedented changes in the ways in which we work and interact, demanding greater levels of resourcefulness and resilience from all of us. Social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs have risen to the occasion magnificently.

The story has become a familiar one. When COVID-19 struck, social innovators who were already working in the last mile to deliver essential services, often in resource-starved settings, were forced to change up a gear, often pivoting their operations to provide additional support to stricken communities as government systems strained to breaking point.

Proving extraordinarily resilient, these innovators have progressed in addressing both the immediate needs of the pandemic and as well as the long-term social challenges in their communities. Their stories are both inspirational and instructive.

Photo courtesy of pisauikan.

Source: World Economic Forum (link opens in a new window)