January 4

Husk Power Uses Rice Husk to Generate Electricity in Rural India

Manoj Sinha, CEO of Husk Power Systems, believes that decentralised power solutions across India are required for renewable energy targets to be met. “Hybrid mini-grids act as shock absorbers,” he says, “and create more grid stability as more renewable capacity gets added to the main grid.”

Established in 2008, Husk pioneered an off-grid power generation and distribution solution to serve rural customers in Bihar, one of India’s most energy deficient states. Husk was the first company to use 100 per cent biomass gasification from rice husks to generate electricity for households and small businesses.

Husk has since evolved its business model and launched the world’s first hybrid powered mini-grid system that provides grid compatible and reliable power to customers. The systems are scalable, grid compatible, and secure against theft from power generation to delivery.

Using a proprietary technology, the company has combined and synchronised solar PV, biomass gasification system and batteries to deliver highly reliable, 24×7 power. The biomass-gasification system is a proprietary design and uses agricultural waste as its feedstock, enabling benefits of reducing agri-waste burning on farm lands and creating an additional revenue stream for farmers. This proprietary technology makes it 100 per cent renewable electricity generation company.

Photo courtesy of David Monje.

Source: Business India (link opens in a new window)

off-grid energy, renewable energy