IMJ Investment Partners’ Koichi Saito: Bopping to the BoP startup

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Koichi Saito, Director, IMJ Investment Partners doesn’t think Manila needs Google Glass

In another life, Koichi Saito, Director, IMJ Investment Partners, could be an educator. Halfway through our interview, held in a nondescript meeting room at level 10, 80 Robinson Road, the Japanese investor stood up, picked up a marker and started illustrating his points on the whiteboard.

For background, IMJ Investment Partners was previously known asIMJ Fenox, which was founded in February 1, 2013, as a joint venture between IMJ Corporation and US-based Fenox Venture Capital.

Back then, IMJ Fenox’s role was to act as a link between the two companies and invest in startups based in Southeast Asia, Japan and the US. In April 2014, however, the joint venture was dissolved, and IMJ Investment Partners was born.

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