Impacting The Future: Ahmad Ashkar, Founder And CEO, Hult Prize Foundation

Thursday, May 17, 2018

By Aby Sam Thomas

One of the refreshing aspects of my interview with the Hult Prize Foundation founder and CEO Ahmad Ashkar is that he comes across as someone who doesn’t believe in mincing words. Be it the conviction with which he talks about his enterprise and what it has achieved so far, or his refusal to accept the status quo just because of a that’s-the-way-it-has-always-been-done sort of mentality, this American entrepreneur seems to be charged up with a vision of a better future for the world at large.

The Hult Prize Foundation started out in 2009 with its flagship contest that brings together students from across the globe to solve the world’s most pressing issues through pitching ideas and launching companies for a grand prize of US$1 million.


Source: Entrepreneur (link opens in a new window)

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