In Cervical “Selfies,” A Solution

Thursday, June 30, 2016

What do candy crush and cervical cancer have in common? Well, nothing except, both can now be ‘screened’ on a smartphone.

The innovation, by Israeli based firm MobileODT, is a compact medical device that comprises a powerful microscope and lighting. It incorporates an android enabled mobile phone that takes a photograph of the cervix. This non-intrusive system enhances visual assessment (EVA) while storing a digital copy, which is relayed to a specialized application that interprets the image and also links up to other specialists for further consultation.

Unlike existing technology, “It never enters the patient, it’s always at a distance” says Ariel Beery, Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder of MobileODT. This feature could serve as a motivation in conservative communities where women shy away from being checked.

The cervix, where cervical cancer starts and then spreads, is the narrow passage that connects the vagina and the uterus. Though deadly, if detected early, cervical cancer can be treated and the patient cured. Discovering the disease at an early stage is crucial for treatment.

Source: Global Health Now (link opens in a new window)

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