Tuesday, April 25, 2006

CSR offers a middle way; a sustainable path between unbridled capitalism with its mixed consequences on the one hand and rigidly regulated economies plagued with artificial and stifling limitations on the other, argue David Chandler and William B. Werther, Jr.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) represents nothing less than a debate about the future of our society.

Amidst issues of ethics, corporate governance, and other efforts to balance conflicting demands, society seeks to create the ideal mix of business success and societal acceptability.

Businesses are largely responsible for creating the wealth and well-being of society. However, they do not act alone.

Governments are also crucial because they set the rules and parameters within which society operates, and non-profit or nongovernmental organisations are needed where politics and profit do not reach.

Nevertheless, without the innovation capitalism inspires, there is little social progress.

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Source: Ethical Corporation (link opens in a new window)