September 9

Viewpoint: India Needs a Social Impact Revolution, Driven by Young Entrepreneurs and Strategic Frameworks

There has never been a better time for India to become a model nation for the world and a member state to achieve the 17 UN Global Goals, given the mix of geopolitical unrest coupled with the disruptive effects of the global pandemic.

Data reveals that 50 million people in India are living in extreme poverty. They lack basic nutrition, access to education, proper sanitation, and employment opportunities. And the time is now to make these challenges our greatest opportunity.

The next decade has been hailed by the United Nations as the decade of action. Given the democratisation of information, ideas, and technology, it has caused the perfect storm for humanity to come together and make the impossible possible.

Photo courtesy of Ashwini Chaudhary.

Source: Social Story (link opens in a new window)