Is the IT industry losing its edge?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sridhar Mitta, Managing Director and CTO, e4e India
The old way was about cost reduction, but the new way is to create new markets. I see brand new companies, young start-ups, new business models, new technologies all coming up and a market that is broad based compared with what we see as IT now.
In next few years, anything that is of economic value and amenable to conversion into digits is open to offshoring.
Geography is not the limitation anymore, nor is the space: from civil engineering to animation it is all being offshored. For instance, writing patents for global customers is now done in India, getting Indian lawyers involved; tele-radiology has brought Indian radiologists new opportunities.
Don?t look at just what the large companies are doing today to determine where the industry is.
Let?s look at the economy. Developing countries, too, need products; you can?t simply make products for the US in India and sell them.
This is what C K Prahlad has been taking about: the needs of the Bottom of the Pyramid. Many things aren?t luxuries any more but a necessity that makes for real business opportunity.
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Source: Business Standard