November 30

Indian Startups Appeal to Fewer New Investors in 2020

By Madhurima NandyNandita Mathur

The list of new overseas investors funding Indian startups narrowed this year from 2019 as the pandemic created uncertainty and kept many in wait-and-watch mode. The number of such investors dropped to 24 so far this year from 71 last year, according to data by Venture Intelligence, a data aggregator firm for private sector.

Investors from the US lead the pack this year. Meanwhile, the number of new Chinese investors fell from 5 in 2019 to 2 this year which saw the government introduce strict curbs from April on investments from nations with which India shares a land border. Also, investors from Korea, Germany, Hong Kong and Switzerland, which backed multiple startups last year, did not make any new commitment this year.

Photo courtesy of Satish Krishnamurthy.

Source: Mint (link opens in a new window)

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