April 23

India’s Electric Rickshaws Are Leaving EVs in the Dust

By Ananya Bhattacharya

At a small factory just north of Delhi, a welder named Ram Baran spends several hours each day training his coworkers in metal cutting, molding, and shaping bodies of three-wheeler electric vehicles.

Baran is not an engineer by education. He started working at the factory in 2017 as a helper — dusting, cleaning, and organizing items. A year later, he got the opportunity to upskill and get trained in welding by Chinese engineers. Nearly 80% of Baran’s 200 co-workers have followed a similar trajectory. “[They] taught us all the work,” Baran told Rest of World. “They taught us welding — how to put the parts and cut them. Over time, I picked up the work and got promoted. Now, our people can also teach these things.”

Photo courtesy of Abdulla Al Muhairi.

Source: Rest of World (link opens in a new window)

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