Innovative Base Of The Pyramid (BOP) Approach Highlighted In Newly Released Report

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

SC Johnson profiles stories of innovation and leadership around the world

What do a Kenyan farmer earning less than $1 a day and a multinational corporation have in common?

Thanks to a novel program initiated by SC Johnson, many Kenyan farmers who grow pyrethrum may look forward to increased crop yields, additional household income and improved quality of life. In exchange, the company helps develop a sustainable supply of the active ingredient used by SC Johnson in its Raid? and Baygon? insecticide products.

This relationship is an example of the company?s “Base of the Pyramid” (BOP) approach to sustainability and is just one of many stories that fills the pages of SC Johnson’s 2005 Public Report titled Sustaining Values, also available on line at

“As a family company, we focus on doing what’s right for people, the environment and business,” said SC Johnson Chairman and CEO Dr. Fisk Johnson, the company?s fifth-generation family leader. “The BOP strategy aligns with our ongoing commitment to further identify and develop sustainable new products and categories that can improve the lives of consumers at all levels of the economic pyramid.”
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Source: CSRwire