Intel Opens Centers for Emerging Markets, by David Needle

Monday, August 1, 2005

The world’s largest chipmaker wants to capture more of the world’s market for its chips, motherboards and other components.

Intel is going about that goal with a new program targeted at select geographies. Called “platform definition centers,” the program provides locally relevant computing solutions, based on Intel technology, of course.

The goals of the new program are anything but modest. Bill Siu, general manager of Intel’s recently formed Channel Platforms Group, said he believed Intel’s push to address the specific needs of local markets “will stimulate PC adoption for the next one billion users.”

The first definition centers are being established in what Intel considers to be four key markets: Bangalore, India; Cairo, Egypt; Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Shanghai, China. The centers will primarily serve the South Asian, Middle-East and African, Latin American, and East Asian regions respectively.
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