Isolation Blamed for Depressing Social Entrepreneurs in Emerging Countries

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

By Sarah Shearman

Social entrepreneurs in emerging countries fear their mission to set up businesses that profit while doing good is being hampered by a lack of support networks, leaving them isolated and lonely.

Increasing numbers of social enterprises have emerged globally in recent years, accompanied by a raft of new networks and organizations – so-called “social enterprise ecosystems” – to run events, mentorship schemes, and give advice on funding.

There are more than 1,000 social entrepreneur accelerator programs globally, according to Conveners, a U.S.-organization that lists events and training programs for the sector that aim to tackle issues ranging from homeless to climate change.

About 180 are in the United States, which has one of the largest social enterprise sectors, according to the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurs, a U.S. training scheme.

Photo courtesy of Tumisu.

Source: Reuters (link opens in a new window)

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