Johnson & Johnson to make hospital consumables at new East Africa hub in Nairobi

Friday, March 10, 2017

Healthcare products manufacturer Johnson & Johnson has set up an East African operations hub in Nairobi. The company, in a major shift in its market strategy, will now depart from the initial business set up where it worked through distributors.

They said the move will help them understand the market better and come up with innovations that will solve the country’s health problems. Jane Griffiths, Group chairman Europe, Middle East and Africa, said in Nairobi on Wednesday that new vaccines and devices for better disease management will be manufactured in the Nairobi hub.

“Having a foot in the region will allow us to better understand the realities and the challenges specific to East Africa and come up with solutions which best addresses health issues in the region,” Griffiths said.

She added that the choice on Nairobi as the regional hub was arrived at because of political stability and the market potential for their products. Jaak Peeters , Johnson &Johnsons global head of public health, said that the company has already developed an ebola vaccine.

“We have also developed a cure for the multi-drug resistant strain of TB,” Peeters said. The Nairobi office becomes the third after that of Ghana which was launched on Tuesday.

Source: The Star (link opens in a new window)

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