February 21

Joint SDG Fund Doubles Its Portfolio to $114 Million in Catalytic Impact Investments

Today, the UN Joint SDG Fund announces a historic expansion of its portfolio to five new markets across the globe with US $54.5 million in additional investments to rescue the Sustainable Development Goals.

Selected from a global pool of submissions from over 100 countries, the proposals submitted by Kenya, Madagascar, North Macedonia, Suriname, and Zimbabwe emerged as the strongest, most impactful, and investment-ready to take public.

The investments constitute an ambitious and concerted response by the UN to the challenges of our generation, from health in a world still plagued by the COVID-19 pandemic to youth empowerment to climate change. Under the leadership of UN Resident Coordinators, implementation of these programmes will fuel the UN footprint in the five nations, ushering in a new generation of collaborative action across the UN, Governments, civil society, and private sector investors.

Photo courtesy of Free-Photos.

Source: Joint SDG Fund (link opens in a new window)

climate change, global development, impact investing, SDGs