August 15

Kenya Is the First Country in Africa to Teach Coding as a School Subject


Kenya’s president, Uhuru Kenyatta, announced it at the State House in Nairobi last Friday. He said coding would be added as a subject in primary and secondary schools.

As a result of this latest move, Kenya has become the first nation in Africa to sanction the study of coding in early elementary and primary schools.

“I want to commend the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development for being the driving force behind this historic accomplishment for our country, by incorporating coding as a fundamental skill inside our new Competency Based Curriculum,” President Kenyatta declared at the ceremony. “Competency Based Curriculum.”

Additionally, the President of Kenya introduced the National Cybersecurity Strategy 2022. This plan is intended to give strategic interventions to solve national cybersecurity concerns in Kenya. In addition, the Kenya National Digital Master Plan, which will remain in effect until 2032, was launched.

Photo courtesy of Hello Lightbulb.

Source: Tech in Africa (link opens in a new window)

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