The case for social investment

Monday, April 3, 2006

Noel Wandera

A Group of organisations, including the Nairobi Stock Exchange, a number of stockbrokers and fund managers, individuals, some local NGOs, corporations, and a UK-based international NGO have launched an initiative to promote social investment in Kenya.

Operating under the umbrella of Kenya Social Investment Forum (KSIF), the group aims at promoting financial transactions intended to achieve social objectives and deliver financial returns to investors. KSIF has identified four major benefits of social investment, including increasing employment opportunities, reducing poverty levels, enhancing economic growth and increasing levels of investment and domestic savings. Its main areas of focus will be those that deal with basic needs, especially health, education and housing.

Of particular emphasis will be the issue of creating awareness among all stakeholders, including the Government, investors and the beneficiaries.

Allavida, a UK-based international NGO which seeks, through grant making, training, research and publishing, to increase the effectiveness of civil society organisations in meeting the needs and aspirations of the communities they serve, is KSIF?S main international partner.

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Source: The Standard (link opens in a new window)