Kopo Kopo Helps Bring Mobile Microfinance to Sierra Leone

Monday, February 28, 2011

Kopo Kopo, a software company that operates a services platform connecting mobile money to microfinance institutions, has partnered withHope Micro and Splash Mobile Money to bring mobile financial services to the country.

Hope Micro customers will now be able to repay their loans via Splash Mobile Money, a service that allows users on the top three mobile networks to load cash onto their phones, send money, pay bills, withdrawcash, and buy goods. As a result, Hope Micro customers no longer need to close their shops and travel across town in order to pay loan installments.

According to SD Kanu, the Executive Director of Hope Micro, “making payments at our office takes the client away from their business. We partnered with Splash and Kopo Kopo in order to make our services as convenient as possible and put more money into the pockets of our customers.”

“We are excited that Hope Micro has selected our service to help them integrate their business processes with the Splash Mobile Money system,”said Kopo Kopo CEO Dylan Higgins. “All along the way, Hope Micro and Splash Mobile Money have shown they are committed to using innovation tohelp improve their customers’ lives.”

Source: Mobile-Financial.com (link opens in a new window)