August 19

Lana Has Launched in Latin America To Be the One-Stop Shop for Gig Workers’ Financial Needs

By Jonathan Shieber

Lana,  a new startup based in Madrid, is looking to be the next big thing in Latin American fintech.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Pablo Muniz, whose last business was backed by one of Spain’s largest financial services institutions, BBVA, Lana is looking to be the all-in-one financial services provider for Latin America’s gig economy workers.

Muniz’s last company, Denizen, was designed to provide expats in foreign and domestic markets with the financial services they would need as they began their new lives in a different country. While the target customer for Lana may not be the same middle to upper-middle-class international traveler that he had previously hoped to serve, the challenges gig economy workers face in Latin America are much the same.

Photo courtesy of Juanedc.

Source: TechCrunch (link opens in a new window)

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