Seminar in New Delhi discusses commercial engagement with world?s poorest.

Monday, January 23, 2006

FMS, Delhi, in association with Centre of Civil Society organizes a Seminar on “Local Entrepreneurship and Global Markets: Corporate Outreach to the Street and Village Entrepreneurs”

Date: February 4, 2006 Time: 3.45 p.m.
Venue: Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi

Discussion Background

The idea that commercial engagement with world?s poorest (the Bottom of the Pyramid, BOP) presents corporations the opportunity to ?do well while doing good?, is rapidly becoming part of mainstream corporate strategy. Prof. C. K. Prahalad has made an eloquent case to this effect in his book ?The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid?. Local entrepreneurship holds two vital keys in this emerging conversation:

1. Local entrepreneurs represent the vital ?last leg? of distribution systems that get a range of products to BOP markets.

2. Organizing local entrepreneurs and connecting their outputs to the world markets presents some of the most compelling opportunities for social enrichment through corporate intervention.

Jeevika Panel

The panel discussion is designed to hear from corporate representatives who work extensively with local entrepreneurial networks to understand their perspective of the circumstances in which such networks are effective, the social change their bring about and the potential of applying these lessons to other unorganized sectors.

The format will be presentations by the 2-3 panelists followed by a panel discussion. The panels should consist of corporate managers who are running rural and urban networks, representatives from group representing such entrepreneurs to talk about the impact of organization from their perspective and other stakeholders who are studying or documenting the phenomena.

Source: Cool Avenues (link opens in a new window)