Mauritius-based startup works on first Africa-developed blockchain

Friday, October 26, 2018

By Tom Jackson

Developed by software development company March Hare, founded in December 2017, DéMars is a mobile money platform and new blockchain protocol for emerging markets, which is fast, scalable, private, secure and virtually free. It’s also the first of its kind developed in Africa.

DéMars is a next generation blockchain protocol. The infrastructure is designed to reduce data transfers and energy consumption, while the network’s design enables it to run on decentralised mobile phone nodes and maintain a high level of cryptographic security and protection from double-spending.

The protocol is designed for micro-currency exchanges and payments in a distributed and decentralised marketplace. As the network grows, through use of its application, the technology can be extended to informal trades in goods and services, micro-lending and to insurance contracts.

Photo courtesy of Sudipto Sarkar.

Source: Disrupt Africa (link opens in a new window)

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