Microfinance Banking and Finance Institute Launched in Kabul

Friday, February 4, 2011

Afghanistan Institute of Banking and Finance (AIBF), the first institute to provide traditional banking and microfinance knowledge and understanding to the Afghan community was recently launched in Kabul, said a report released by MIFSA.

AIBF was established to build a strong knowledge base of the industry in Afghanistan. It works in close collaboration with Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), the Afghanistan Banking Association (ABA), and the Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA) to ensure that sound banking, microfinance and auditing practices are promoted while keeping pace with international best practices.

The basic course on microfinance will provide students with a solid foundation in the institutional and financial aspects of microfinance and an introduction to the basic concepts of microfinance in the context of Afghanistan. The course is delivered in Dari and features guest lectures by local leaders in the Afghan microfinance industry.

Source: Microfinance Focus (link opens in a new window)