Microfinancing Mexico Via Responsible Tourism Activities

Friday, May 2, 2014

These are the tastiest tacos in town, Silvia tells us with pride as she piles our plates high with fried peppers and black bean-speckled rice served with a steaming side helping of freshly made tortillas which we gratefully parcel into our mouths.

This simple taqueria in Santo Domingo Tomaltapec, a small village just outside the Mexican city of Oaxaca, is the result of Silvia’s determination combined with the assistance of micro-finance scheme Fundacion En Via.

Founded in 2008, En Via aims to empower women in the villages with interest-free loans and business coaching. To participate in the scheme, the women must form groups of three to provide each other with the necessary support to ensure the repayments are made over a 10-week period. To date, the organisation has given out over 1500 loans to almost 400 women.

Source: Travel Weekly (link opens in a new window)

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