Microsoft’s Mundie: A bottom-up approach to tech

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

For a good part of 2006, Craig Mundie has been on a jet plane visiting Microsoft customers and political leaders in other parts of the world.

Craig Mundie was one of the premier speakers at the December 2004 WRI Conference; ’Eradicating Poverty Through Profit.’ I found one quote from this article particularly interesting:

“I’ve been the liaison to China for the last seven years, and India for the last four years, and Russia for the last three years. So in many of these countries where we’re changing both our product line, organizational structure and business model, you could say that I’ve been the sponsor for a lot of that within the company.”

?Striking that Microsoft changed their orginazational structure and business model in their approach to emerging markets. You can say what you want about the company – but Microsoft generally ’gets it’.

Source: News.Com (link opens in a new window)