Mobile Clinics Bring Health Care to South Africa Countryside

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

MOKOPANE, SOUTH AFRICA — South Africa has a serious lack of healthcare facilities in rural areas. In many cases, people must walk for kilometers to reach the closest clinic. But some new solar-powered mobile clinics are changing that.

Women have been waiting outside a seven-meter-long trailer since the early hours of the morning to register with this portable medical clinic. Once they do, they can get free tests and check up on their health. In a mother and baby unit, women can learn their pregnancy status and have an ultrasound, as well as getting tests for blood pressure and diabetes.

Nchaupe Mathosa is a member of a partner NGO and is volunteering today. “Most people travel for miles to the clinics or looking for assistance, so basically once you bring a unit like this toward the rural people or the people who are in need, it would be very important to have it close-by.”

Source: Voice of America News (link opens in a new window)

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