May 8

Mobile Money Helps Displaced Congolese Survive Amid Coronavirus Threat

By Fabien Faivre

Two months ago, Solonita, 59, fled with her son when armed men attacked her village in east Democratic Republic of the Congo. Forced from her home, she now lives in Beni town where she has to prepare to face another potential health enemy – the coronavirus pandemic.

Fortunately, vital help now comes by mobile phone and hence reduces the transmission risks linked with physical interactions.

An SMS message recently notified her that US$75 in cash assistance had been transferred and she headed out to the closest bank to withdraw part of it. The money allows her to buy what she needs most for herself and her son, Kapule, who is 30.

Photo courtesy of Gunnar Salvarsson.

Source: ReliefWeb (link opens in a new window)

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