January 18

Most Companies Align with SDGs – But There’s More to Do on Assessing Progress

Analysis of GRI reports points to progress in SDGs integration

A new study has revealed that four-in-five companies assessed now include a commitment in their sustainability reports to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), yet fewer than half set measurable targets for how their actions contribute towards fulfilling the Goals.

The publication from GRI and Support the Goals – State of Progress: Business Contributions to the SDGs – analyzes a sample of over 200 companies around the world that produced a GRI report in 2020. Key findings include:

  • 83% of companies state that they support the SDGs, recognizing the value of aligning their reports with the Goals;
  • 69% of companies articulate which Goals are most relevant to their business, with 61% specifying how their actions support the SDGs;
  • 40% of companies set measurable commitments for how they will help achieve the SDGs, while 20% include evidence to assess their positive impacts.

Photo courtesy of qimono.

Source: GRI (link opens in a new window)

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