Bangladesh launches new investigation into Muhammad Yunus’ finances

Friday, December 9, 2016

Dhaka, Bangladesh – Authorities have launched a new investigation into the financial affairs of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, his family, and the micro-credit agency Grameen Bank which he founded.

Last week, the Central Investigation Cell of the National Bureau of Revenue sent notices to banks in Bangladesh requiring them to provide information within seven days about any accounts, loans, or other financial instruments held in the past seven years either by Yunus, his wife, the Yunus family trust, or Grameen Bank.

The notices, seen by Al Jazeera, were sent out a week after a tax commissioner had written to Yunus informing him that the NBR had also decided to audit the Nobel laureate’s personal tax return for the current financial year, and asking for documentation to “verify” his income and expenditure.

Sabbir Osmani, media spokesperson for the Yunus Centre, said Yunus was “not in a position to comment” on the NBR notices sent to the banks. In relation to the information sought about Yunus’s own tax return, Osmani said at the time Yunus had lodged it he provided all the information now requested by tax authorities.

Source: Al Jazeera (link opens in a new window)