NetSuite Donates Cloud Services to Social Enterprises

Friday, January 14, 2011

NetSuite, the SaaS business management solution vendor, is a publicly traded and profitable corporation. But NetSuite has a softer side, too – specifically,, the company’s corporate citizenship program that gives away NetSuite subscriptions for free to social enterprises. That is, enterprises, both non-profit and otherwise, who use market forces to achieve a social purpose get hooked up with SaaS offerings to potentially accelerate their progress.

This round of beneficiaries, as per the company’s press release: Easy Office, a bookkeeping service firm for non-profits; United Prosperity, which enables users to multiply the impact of their money in the war on poverty by guaranteeing loans; charter school management firm EdTec; clean-burning stove vendor Envirofit; famed micro-loan platform Kiva.

The thing all of these organizations have in common, besides a commitment to making the world a better place? None of them could afford a business intelligence and analytics solution like NetSuite on their own. In fact, Easy Office is using NetSuite to offer its clients managed business process outsourcing services, opening them up to new revenue streams.

The way Social Enterprise Grant works is simple. If your social enterprise makes less than $2 million dollars and makes the cut, you get 5 NetSuite user licenses completely for free, with support provided by a team of volunteers. Make more than that, and you get a decreasing discount.

The point TalkinCloud is trying to make: whether it’s at a discount or not, the cloud has power and applicability to every kind of industry. And if it weren’t for the low TCO of cloud services in the first place, NetSuite wouldn’t be able to give this away to anyone, no matter how deserving.

Source: Talkin’ Cloud (link opens in a new window)