New Blockchain Mobile Wallet Launched in Africa

Friday, August 10, 2018

Kora, the largest blockchain project out of Africa, has launched a new wallet that aims to provide access to low cost financial services to populations that have historically had little to no access to them.

According to the World Bank’s Global Financial Inclusion database, there are currently an estimated two billion un(der)banked people in the world. “Access to basic facilities such as banking are critical to not only individuals, but to small businesses to secure payments and savings, and to making transactions efficient and effective. When people lack access to a bank account, they lack access to the financial tools such as savings, credit and insurance products that can enable them to break out of the poverty cycle and build a better life for their families” said Dickson Nsofor, CEO and Founder of Kora.

Source: Cryptomode (link opens in a new window)

blockchain, digital payments, financial inclusion