New partnership to provide vaccine access to 8 million people in Liberia, Uganda and Kenya

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A new partnership will bring vaccines to millions of people living in remote areas across Liberia, Uganda, and Kenya. The partnership involves Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, The Audacious Project, Last Mile Health and Living Goods.

In a statement, Gavi said the agreement will provide a total of US$18 million to Last Mile Health and Living Goods’ Audacious Project. The fund will be used to boost the number of community health workers and integrate immunisation information and data-capture into their daily routines.

More than 8 million people will get access to vaccines through the deal which will deploy 50,000 community health workers to serve 34 million people by 2021.

The health workers will be equipped with smartphones that can capture the immunisation status of every child in real time with a time-stamped GPS identifier, send automated vaccination reminders by SMS and use real-time data to help pinpoint and close immunisation gaps. This system enables governments to optimise the performance of thousands of far-flung health workers in real time.

Photo courtesy of Army Medicine.

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