‘Nigerian startups will revolutionalise healthcare delivery’

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Integrated Medics startup was a personal one for Gbenle Oladapo, who, incidentally, is one of the 40 startups in the DEMO Africa launchpad event coming up next month. He says the vision has since expanded the company he set up. The Computer Engineering graduate from the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ife, tells Ruth Olurounbi the roles of ICT in healthcare delivery, while calling for more medpreneurs to invest in Nigeria.

Congratulations on Demo Africa. How does it feel being on the list of the top 40?


I understand that Integrated Medics helps improve health care delivery. Specifically, how do you achieve this?

We achieve this through automation of all the process in the hospital: from record office to front desk, from consulting to admission; from store to pharmacy and from NHIS desk to payment desk. Basically, by fast-tracking the healthcare delivery system.

As you are aware, Ebola virus is on the front of national conversation in Nigeria. Tell me, how does Integrated Medics see this as an opportunity to pitch in in the fight to eradicate the virus?

Integrate medics is a multi-tenant application package. It can be deploy to help health organization (Health Ministries) manage the outbreak of any disease based on the overview report from private and public hospital. Imagine a situation where all citizens’ health records are managed from a single platform. The moment you are about to cross the border of any country or state, it flags red (without displaying your health details) as an alert if your health status constitute danger to the community. That is what is possible if our government at all level will embrace this technology.

Source: Nigerian Tribune (link opens in a new window)

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