Nine Humanitarian Businesses Win Bloomberg-Funded Genesis Challenge

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Genesis Generation Challenge Recipients of this year are: Build Israel and Palestine (BIP); Building Up (Canada); eNable 3d Printed Prosthetics; LAVAN (Israel); Prize4Life (Israel); Sanergy (Kenya); Sesame (Israel); Spark (Burundi); and Vera Solutions (United States, India).

The winning projects’ concepts focus on subjects such as public health, education, cross-cultural exchanges to spur understanding and tolerance, poverty alleviation, and using data to drive impact in social good enterprises.

These nine supporting innovative projects are guided by Jewish values to address the world’s pressing issues. The Genesis Generation Challenge will award $100,000 to implement each winner’s initiative. The recipients will also be matched with a mentor to help them develop the project.

The competition was born out of the $1 million award which former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg received as the organization’s first recipient of the prize, which was bestowed in Israel last May.

Source: Jewish Business News (link opens in a new window)

Education, Health Care
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