Novartis aims to improve healthcare access in developing nations

Monday, August 11, 2014

Outside Kenya’s capital Nairobi lies the small farming town of Embu, which is filled with roadside stalls where farmers sell their mango, potato and rice crops. This remote region, nestled near the hills of Mount Kenya, is the setting for the second phase of the Familia Nawiri (Healthy Family) initiative, one example of a Novartis ’social venture.’

Social ventures are designed to build local, sustainable solutions to address healthcare challenges for underserved communities in emerging markets by tackling issues that impact access to healthcare – such as education, infrastructure and distribution.

Familia Nawiri employs a market-based approach improving access to healthcare for poor people living at the bottom of the economic pyramid. After creating a large-scale social venture in India, Novartis has replicated the model in Kenya and is now training health educators to teach communities about good health, hygiene, nutrition, common diseases and disease prevention. In addition, Familia Nawiri is increasing access to medicines by informing local physicians and pharmacists about treatment options. Similar initiatives have also been rolled out in Vietnam and Indonesia.

Source: The Guardian (link opens in a new window)

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