Nuru AI chatbot helps to solve day-to-day problems in Africa

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

In the Western world, everyone is talking about messaging apps and chatbots. Now, users in Africa and other low-income countries can use chatbots instead of text messages to ask questions. Currently, most people in Africa use text messages to send money with a service called M-Pesa from the largest tech start-up in Kenya.

Now, chatbots could potentially replace text-based transactions altogether. Budapest-based Hungarian start-up UXstudio has created a chatbot called Nuru. The app can help smartphone users in Kenya and Ghana in four different ways: Agriculture, classified ads, finances, and healthcare.

It wants users to interact with a chatbot and see a familiar conversational interface. Africa has 5.3 million Facebook users, and 78 percent of smartphone owners use their device for social networking and chatting. However, currently, text-based interactions still dominate mobile user transactions in Kenya and Ghana.

Ghanan start-up Esoko offers text-based market price information for farmers, so they can sell their crops at a fair price. Users send a code by text and get back the information they require.

If a farmer uses the Nuru chatbot to help sell their product, they do not need to set a price. It can calculate the price based on the type of produce and the quantity they have to sell. The farmer can change the price if required or get a fair price suggestion via the app.

Source: Zdnet (link opens in a new window)