Olivia Mukam on Founding Cameroon’s First Social Entrepreneurship Program

Monday, February 4, 2013

As President and Founder of Harambe-Cameroon, Olivia Mukam established Cameroon’s first Social Entrepreneurship Program: an opportunity zone for Cameroonian university students to translate their ideas into actions, as they propose business enterprises to solve local problems.

The initiative Harambe-Cameroon is led by an alliance of young Cameroonians in the Diaspora, from the US, UK, France and Asia. Founded in 2009, Harambe Cameroon is an independent branch of the global alliance Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance, recognized and supported by the White House, the UK’s Westminster, the Ghanaian Parliament, plus African and global leaders such as Mo Ibrahim and Aliko Dan Gote.

Harambe-Cameroon’s Social Entrepreneurship Program aims at promoting entrepreneurship amongst the youth of Cameroon, specifically through the organization of biennial business plan competitions, and bi-annual training seminars on “How to start up a business in Cameroon?” The objective is to provide participants with tools to translate their ideas into concrete projects, with an impact on their community. Hence, the mission of Harambe-Cameroon is to inspire a generation of young leaders and entrepreneurs who see in each problem an opportunity in need of solution.

Source: The Next Women Business Magazine (link opens in a new window)